Welcome to Bullwell Trailer Solutions Ltd

Bullwell Trailer Solutions are specialists in the provision of trailer repair and maintenance solutions who are able to offer completely impartial advice to our clients. The range of services offered extends from pay as you go and contract repair and maintenance to a complete take over of existing workshop facilities and staff.


Bullwell Trailer Solutions Ltd part of the Ryder Ltd group of Companies 


The senior management team has many years experience within the trailer/transport industry. This has been gained in the workshop engineering environment, transport operations, finance, sales and trailer manufacture.

All our customers have varying service level agreements and key performance indicators; however, the one thing they all share is the demand for the highest levels of service to be delivered in the most cost effective and time critical fashion.

With our knowledge and experience you can be sure that we are not only delivering the services agreed, but also actively looking ahead to accommodate any changes that may be necessary…

This not only ensures that we remain focussed on your business requirements and objectives, keeping you ahead of the competition, it also keeps Bullwell Trailer Solutions ahead of our competitors, as the best independent trailer repair and maintenance solutions provider in the market place.

Your customers are just as important to us as they are to you. We recognise that although you may be our direct client, there is a third party; your customer, who are of equal if not greater importance. It is these parties who often secure the future for both our businesses. To this end you can be sure we will always remain focussed on your business requirements and objectives.