Carbon Reduction Strategy

At Bullwell we recognise the requirement to reduce our carbon footprint, and we constantly monitor the way we operate to ensure we can achieve the most effective reduction…

The mobile trailer repair operation already offers a significant reduction to the haulage industry by reducing the amount of fossil fuels utilised to maintain vehicles and trailers. Mobile serving requires no traction, as there is no operational requirement to move a tractor unit or trailer. A mobile engineer can service up to six trailers a day from one van outdoors without the need to heat or light a building.

Reduced use of Hydro carbons…

A comparison between a single service van working on site compared to a repair facility 10 miles from the operating centre demonstrates a reduction in CO2 of 95%. A tractor unit would use 100 litres of fuel for six return journeys and produce 266kgs of CO2 where a modern service van would use less than 5 litres thereby creating only 13kgs of CO2. This includes working all day and the journey there and back.

Our vans are tracked and monitored for MPG, speeding and driving styles…

Our engineers pay for their own fuel from our unique remuneration scheme, thereby encouraging the engineers to reduce the fuel used and reduce emissions at the same time. We operate an aggressive service van renewal programme which assures that we are constantly updating our fleet to the cleanest and most fuel efficient vehicles thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Our old unit return policy ensures that all recyclable parts are returned via its delivery vehicle in a new for old unit exchange policy. Where possible and where quality permits we endeavour to use remanufactured parts. We ensure that all parts are sourced from a reputable source.

Carbon ReductionWe are moving towards a paperless operation with the use of the latest IT systems; this includes electronic estimating, invoicing, and service sheets. Internal communications are nearly all electronic with e-mail and PDA message manager.

By putting all of this into action we believe that Bullwell are taking a positive step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Gary Bulley
Managing Director